The Story Behind The Three Yellow Dogs

When I turned 27, I found myself living alone in a cozy one-bedroom apartment suffering from loneliness. The solution I sought was to bring a dog into my life, I didn't realize that this decision would transform my world. I decided to adopt a charming 8-week-old Vizsla lab mix, a little boy I affectionately named Riley.

Riley and I became inseparable companions, sharing countless memorable moments. He was a bundle of energy, always eager to play fetch, swim, and run.  Riley was what many would call a "velcro dog" because he stuck by my side relentlessly. His loyalty was so profound that, when I wasn't at home, he'd occasionally become a bit mischievous. Though he wasn't flawless, he was perfect in my eyes. Riley blessed my life for 13 wonderful years.

Around the time Riley turned one and a half, I decided to buy a house with a spacious yard to provide him with more room to run and play. Soon after, I felt it was time for Riley to have a companion. I embarked on a quest to find him a little sister. That's when I discovered Penny, a sweet and gentle 8- week-old princess with a golden coat, and charming white markings on her chest, paws, and face. Penny loved lounging in the sun, searching for lizards, and simply enjoying life. Her heart was brimming with love, and she remained my cherished companion until she reached the age of 16.

As a few more years passed, I felt the call to expand our family once more. By then, we had been fostering dogs for several years, a fulfilling endeavor that warmed our hearts. One day, we received a call from a rescue group in desperate need of assistance. A pregnant labrador named Hazel was about to give birth in a shelter. They urgently required a safe environment for her, and her puppies. Without hesitation, we offered our help, and the next day, we were fostering Hazel and her eight precious puppies. Little did I know that one of these puppies would become the third addition to our yellow dog family.

We decided to  adopt one of Hazel’s puppies. We named him Winston, and we've had him since his first day of life. Although Winston, lovingly known as Uncle Winston, didn't possess the athleticism of Riley or the regal demeanor of Penny, he brought his own unique charm. As a puppy, he was full of boundless energy and a touch of mischief. However, unlike our other dogs, Winston battles numerous health issues, including severe allergies and gut problems, just to name a few. At the age of 7, he even faced a near-death experience. Today, at almost 14 years old, Winston is deaf and spends his days peacefully sleeping, eating, and basking in the warmth of the sun.

Our trio of yellow dogs has been an extraordinary blessing in our lives. Over the past two decades, my life has seen numerous changes – marriage, the arrival of two beautiful human daughters, losses, and a cross-country move. Yet, amid all these transformations, the love I hold for my three yellow dogs remains unwavering. Not a day passes when I don't think about each of them. I miss Riley and Penny terribly, but I take comfort in knowing that they all lived/live a wonderful life and that they will be waiting for me on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

What a joyous reunion that will be.❤️